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Dear SunBird Community--

You may have recently heard that the water pumps feeding our golf course need to be replaced at a cost of more than $180,000. Due to this emergency, the SunBird Golf Board has created a new Fundraising Committee of which I am a member. I write to let you know we are making great progress toward that goal. I am so impressed with the generosity of the SunBird community.

Last month, golf members voted in a $600 assessment per member which raised approximately $120,000 and the Golf Board has also received additional donations from homeowners. With these receipts we still need approximately $10,000 to go, to meet this goal.

The overall goal of the Fundraising committee is two-fold. First is this short-term goal addressing the emergency of replacing the water pumps and second, a long-term multi-faceted strategy to generate revenue to protect our most valuable assets, the golf course our water features and beautiful campus and ultimately our home values.

I moved into SunBird in November 2020. Before even seeing and touring the home I ultimately purchased, I was introduced to the SunBird community by driving through the front gate.  The green grass, lakes, fountains, and overall presentation of the neighborhood made such a positive impression on me during the buying process and ultimately is a major point of pride for me as I live in SunBird. As we all know, SunBird has many amenities: pools, gym, tennis & pickleball courts, ballroom, meeting rooms, library, restaurant, etc. The golf course is clearly the “Crown Jewel” of the SunBird Resort and the reason many of us have chosen to live here.

During my first six months here, I have learned that SunBird is the only golf and resort community in the Chandler area whose HOA does not own or manage the golf course. The SunBird golf course is owned by its members and stands alone financially.  SunBird is now almost 30 years old and many physical and technological aspects of the golf course are showing their age.

Once the pump is successfully replaced this fall, SunBird will have longer term costs on the horizon, and the Fundraising Committee will go to work to build a capital reserve for these future community needs. The HOA vote to add a $300 golf course fee to any new home purchased recently passed, so with the sale of approximately 100 SunBird homes annually, we will be adding $30,000 annually to address these future costs but again we will need more. The Committee is looking into various opportunities that you will be hearing about moving forward, all under the umbrella name of SunBird CommUNITY Green.

In the coming days and weeks, please consider a donation to help pay for the pumps. We can accept gifts of appreciated assets in addition to cash. We hope you recognize and share our pride in and concern for the overall health of our SunBird community.  Please feel free to contact me or any of the Golf or Fundraising Committee members (see below) via email, phone or in person if you have questions.


Bob Morris – Chairman - SunBird CommUNITY Green
6663 S. Tournament Ln ~ 310-721-9104 (cell) ~ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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